Swatkins Catalogue & Price Information for 2022 – Happy New Year!

Thank you

Firstly a very Happy New Year to you and belated Christmas wishes to yourself, your family and all the team. Thank you for your continued support in 2021 and we look forward to working with you in 2022.

2022 Catalogue & Pricing Update

Due to the effects of the pandemic, we are delaying the launch of a new catalogue for another 12 months, until January 2023. For 2022, we will be continuing with our 2019-2020 catalogue.

Since we last costed our products in September 2018, all the materials and components we purchase have risen dramatically. The specialist grade of copper we use to manufacture our awards has increased by over 70% and silver is up by over 50% in price. Furthermore, the packaging we buy has risen 8 times this year alone, making a total increase of over 75% since late 2018. These increases along with the unprecedented rise in shipping rates are all having a huge effect on our costs.

Despite the above Swatkins Group have honoured prices since January 2019. However, now we are replenishing our supplies, we cannot absorb the significant increases we are receiving.

Therefore, we would like to inform you all the retail prices illustrated in our 2019-2020 catalogue for 2022 are plus 20%. For example, SANC924A on page 7 will now retail at £90.00 plus 20% = £108.00.

We know this situation isn’t ideal and we thank you for your support in this matter. We apologise for any inconvenience this essential increase may cause.

To support the physical catalogue, the prices illustrated on our 2022 virtual brochure on our website will include the 20% increase, so please visit this edition by clicking on our ‘brochure’ tab.

Naturally, due to the release of the brochure in 2019, there are products that are now out of stock and discontinued for 2022, these products will state ‘retired’ in place of the price on our online link or alternatively please ask your local retailer for a list of the 2022 retired products.

Payment Terms 2022

Swatkins Group will continue to operate on a payment upfront basis before orders are processed and despatched for the foreseeable future. This applies to all our clients both in Great Britain and Worldwide for all orders.

Opening Days & Hours 2022

Monday-Thursday: 8.00am-4.45pm

Friday: Closed